Oct 30, 2009

Thank you to Popoki's Secret Friend!

Popoki has a secret friend at Kobe University.
Today, he got a contribution from that person.
Thank you so much!

Oct 28, 2009

Popoki Peace Challange! Photo Exhibit and Event for Peace

Please join us for a 3-part Photo Exhibit Event for Peace


     PART 1 Photo Exhibit: "What Color is Life?"
Takashi MORIZUMI Photo Exhibit for Peace
2010.1.8-14 Admission:Free
Venue: Kobe Student Youth Center
(5 min. walk from Hankyu Rokko Stn)
Tel: 078-851-2760 Fax: 078-821-5878
URL: http://ksyc.jp

PART 2 Lecture: "Looking at Peace and Life through a Lens"
Takashi MORIZUMI, photo journalist. 2010.1.8 18:30-20:30 300 yen
Venue: Kobe Student Youth Center (see above)
PART 3: Peace Map Making in Nada 2010.1.9 13:30-17:00
Venue: Kobe Student Youth Center (see above)
13:30 Workshop: Popoki, What Color is Peace?
14:00 Takashi Morizumi: "Looking for peace with a camera?"
14:15 Group Time; explanation and preparation for activity
14:30 Let's go!
15:30 Return to Kobe Student Youth Center, make maps
16:30 Conclusion: sharing our work
*Anyone who can walk for about an hour is welcome to participate
** English translation available *** 500 yen

RESERVATIONS and INFORMATION: Please send your name, contact information, emergency contact information, age, and any other necessary information to: Popoki Peace Project (e-mail: popokipeace@gmail.com) or Fax: 078-803-7295 (Office, GSICS, Kobe University). RESERVATION DEADLINE: 2009.12.16 (Wednesday)