May 22, 2007

Teaching Popoki

May, 2007

Student: Stephen Palenik
Grade 9, Mac Donald High School
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

We were very excited when Po's book arrived and started our session by reading it and discussing its questions. We arrived at page 39, and found the question, "Are music and art necessary for peace?"

Stephen's answer to that question was so wonderful that Iwant to share it with all of you.
He said,"Peace IS an ART!"

Greta Cramer
Educational Therapist

May 5, 2007

A Message from Archbishop Desmond Tutu!

Last week, when Prof. Gloria Rudolph was here in Kobe, I gave her a copy of Popoki, What Color is Peace? to pass on to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Today, I came home to find an e-mail from Archbishop Tutu in my in-box. Of course I was very excited and happy that he had received my gift and was responding. Popoki is making many new friends, and we are delighted that Archbishop Tutu is among them!

Here is what he wrote:

Dear friend,
Thank you so very much for the delightful Popoki story. I like it. Well done.
God bless you,
+Desmond Tutu

Thank you!!!