Jul 18, 2007

A comment from a Cambodian Reader

Here is a comment from SOK Say, a graduate of Kobe University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies. He has returned to Cambodia and is teaching there.

Many thanks for "Popoki, What Color is Peace?" I adore reading it.
I went through the whole book, and thought it would be nice if I were still a student there so that I could write a lot of reflection papers on it. I like all the embedded themes and morals. I think the moral on page eight is one of the most vital recipes for peace. We can have a long lasting peace only when we have friends of different colors, learn to live with people of different colors, learn to agree to disagree with people of different colors, learn to understand people of different colors, and so forth.
For one more thing, of course, art and music are two main catalysts for peace. Through them, I believe we can learn to interact with and understand people of different colors, among many others.
Peace starts from an individual; and I strongly believe it starts with the peace in mind of each individual.
I really appreciate your Popoki Peace Project, and no doubt it will provide more and more individuals with insights and light to find and build peace and a peaceful society. May the project be a great success. And may lovely Popoki be in everyone's heart to guide human beings to peace.
And you are right. This book is intended for children. But if we know how to manipulate it, it is also appropriate for (under)graduate levels. I will use it with my students one way or another

SOK Say, Senior Lecturer (Language Education)
English Department of the Institute of Foreign Languages,

Royal University of Phnom Penh

Jul 6, 2007

A comment from a young reader (Grade 8, USA)

"Popoki made me smile because he reminds me of my cats. I think I am most
at peace when I love and feel loved like when I am with my cat Maxwell.
Sometimes when the things we love die like my cat Paws it is hard to
remember to be at peace and it is only with new love like Maxwell that we
remember. Thank you for the lovely book."